HP ProBook 645 G1 faulty USB ports and how to fix

HP ProBook 645 G1 faulty USB ports and how to fix

Simple fix for HP ProBook 645 G1 and possibly ProBook 640 G1 with broken USB ports

All though title says 'How to fix broken USB ports' its not really the case since usb ports were not broken at all, turns out simple bios update was the fix.

To be clear only usb ports on the right hand side didn't work, 2 usb ports on the left worked no problem. I noticed that when i was installing Windows 10 because when i plugged usb stick on the right hand side then laptop didn't recognize it at all.

That was that, i got windows installed and all the drivers updated and still no luck with right side USB ports, visually both ports looked absolutely perfect that made me think that it have to be software or bios related.

After checking all settings in bios and downloaded all usb drivers from HP website still no luck so last resort was bios update witch is really last resort since i had way too many failed bios updates.


How to fix USB ports not working on HP ProBook 645 G1:

  • Simply download latest bios update for your probook, install it and that's it, in my case installed 01.47 Rev.A bios and all the problems were solved.

I wish it was always as simple as that but there could be several reasons why your laptops USB ports malfunction.

Hopefully will help someone there with same problem. See picture below of the USB ports i was talking about.