How to fix DJI Osmo blinking/flashing yellow light

How to fix DJI Osmo blinking/flashing yellow light

Really simple fix DJI Osmo blinking/flashing yellow light, try it before return it!

As you know you can get great deals from Amazon warehouse, have bought in past several items from them and most of them ok and work without any issues but in few occasions items i received were bit faulty and luckily only one time i actually have to return item. It did look like i have to return my DJI Osmo because after using it for about minute or 2 gimbal just disconnected and Yellow light start blinking, that happened about 3-4 times and it was clear sign that something is not right.

After spending some time and trying to find some solution on Youtube and Google i was really ready to give up since best solution for the Yellow flashing light problem i found was to return it.

How to fix DJI Osmo Yellow blinking light issue/problem!

It was actually very simple and turns out its a Firmware problem.

So what you do is go to Google Play store and download/install DJI Osmo GO for your mobile.

Open DJI OSMO GO and connect your phone to your Gimbal via Bluetooth.

Leave it connected until DJI Osmo GO will offer Firmware update.

Install Firmware update and make shore both devices are connected all the time.

After firmware update is done just restart your DJI Osmo by turning it off and on.

And that's all, everything worked fine after Firmware update, will post some test material shortly.