Dell Inspiron 13 5368 touch screen not working - FIX

Dell Inspiron 13 5368 touch screen not working - FIX

Follow this tutorial to fix your Dell 13-5368 touchscreen issue, may also work for other dell models.

Hello, here we are again with one broken laptop needed to be fixed. This time i have here Dell Inspiron 13-5368 2 in 1 tablet/laptop with touchscreen issue.

Initially i was thinking maybe digitizer is broken but since there was no obvious damage to the screen then this was king of eliminated.

Had to do lot of browsing on web to see is there people with similar issue and how they got it fixed, all i managed to find was mostly touchscreen firmware issue on that Dell laptop model so i went to dell site and downloaded latest touch firmware drivers to see will it fix my laptop.

After installing these drivers i was not able to update drivers because laptop did not recognize touch screen at all, it was like my laptop did not have touch screen at all.

So had to dig bit deeper, was watching video on Youtube how to remove and replace Dell Touch Panel and Digitizer: and noticed that there a little board behind the screen so that made me think maybe its a loose connection to that board or the board is just burnt out, leave pictures below of the board i ended up changing.

How to fix Dell Inspiron 13-5368 touch screen issue:

So i went ahead and remove screen as it was done in the video and by the way it probably looks harder then it is, it took me about 3 minutes to remove screen but saying that you will have to be very careful when removing screen because it is extremely easy to damage and then you will end up with more expensive fix.

After i removed screen i tested connections to that board and found nothing wrong. Luckily i had other Dell Inspiron 13 with broken digitizer so i was able to remove that board from broken laptop and replace it. See picture below:

And guess what? after connecting everything back together touch screen was working again. This was my fix and luckily it worked but your situation could be totally different, recommend first to check all the connections first because there could be cable what has come loose in time. 

You should probably start by checking connection from screen to the motherboard to be shore that its not loose, for that you would have to remove back cover of the machine.

Hopefully this will be helpful for someone out there who has same issue with touch screen not working.