Lightscribe still available for Windows 10 / How to install

What is Lightscribe: LightScribe is an optical disc recording technology that was created by the Hewlett-Packard Company. It uses specially coated recordable CD and DVD media to produce laser-etched labels with text or graphics, as opposed to stick-on labels and printable discs.

As you know there’s no support for Lightscribe any more from HP and there is no official download available and question remains: 'where can i get Lightscribe for Windows 10'.

Don’t actually know how many is left there using lightscribe but i have been using it for years now and still have good few lightscribe DVD’s left so not planning to change any time soon.  

I came across this version of lightscribe while ago and do not remember where but just in case some of you are looking for this then here it is, both files are reguired in order to work:

Download LS_Update_1.18.27.10 and install first then:

Download LightScribeTemplateLabeler_1.18.24.1 and install.

Installation is straight forward just thing to remember is to install:

1) Install LS Update first  

2) Then install LightScribeTemplateLabeler

See video below how to download and install Lightscribe for windows 10: