Can i upgrade Toshiba Satellite Pro C40 RAM or SSD

How to open and install new Hard Drive or Ram to your DynaBook Satellite Pro C40-H-101

Toshiba DynaBook Satellite Pro C40-H-101 is lovely lightweight laptop with reasonably modern design and makes perfect laptop to be brought to business meetings or holiday trips. This machine will perform all standard tasks without any issues: working with Microsoft Office or browsing internet etc. With decent battery life you can be sure it wont let you down in the middle of the work.

DynaBook Satellite Pro C40 has lovely Full HD screen with bright and vibrant colors, very comfortable keyboard, would have been nice to have backlit keyboard but unfortunately this laptop came without it but for sure you can get these models with illuminated keyboards as well. 

After using your DynaBook for few years you are looking to upgrade and wondering what is upgradable and how simple or complicated is upgrading process. Can tell you that after i managed to remove back cover upgrading was painless and only takes ~10 minutes.

Why should you upgrade DynaBook Pro C40?

  • You are performing multiple tasks at the same time (RAM upgrade)
  • Using programs like Photoshop/Lightroom etc. (RAM upgrade)
  • Installing new edition of Windows (RAM upgrade)
  • Running out of space on your Hard Drive (SSD upgrade)

Of course there can be any reason for upgrading, specially if you are anyway like myself who thinks it's better to have bit more and be ready then having less when you need it.


How to open Toshiba DynaBook Satellite Pro C40-H-101

  • You need standard Phillips screwdriver
  • Remove 11 screws from back panel (see image below)
  • Open pack panel using something plastic (see video below)
  • Lift back panel

Have to warn you that this pack cover did not come off easy and i had to use some serious force and in addition to my plastic tool to open laptop i had to use Stanley knife as well.


RAM and SSD upgrade options for DynaBook Satellite Pro C40

Good news is that you can upgrade both ram and solid state drive M.2 on this laptop with relatively low cost. 

Memory installed to this laptop is 8GB DDR4 ram and can be easily upgraded to 16GB or maybe even to 32GB, see image below.

Recommended ram upgrade: Lexar 16GB DRAM, DDR4 3200 MHz


As promised SSD can be upgraded as well with just removing one screw. M.2 solid state drive can be upgrade to potentially any size, this DynaBook was upgraded to Samsung 500GB NVMe M.2 SSD.

Guaranteed to be working on this machine: Samsung Electronics (MZ-V8V500B/AM) 980 SSD 500GB - M.2 NVMe


Just remember that after SSD upgrade you will need to install Windows again because new drives obviously come without Windows installation. If you just upgrading ram then Windows installation is not necessary and you can keep using your laptop with all current settings.


Video: SSD and RAM upgrade