How to remove dell latitude E6430/E6230  bios password

How to remove dell latitude E6430/E6230 bios password

Ok, you bought a laptop with bios password or entered by ‘accident’ password and just cant remember anymore:). Here is simple tutorial how to remove it, hope it helps you.
First step go to your laptops bios by pressing F2, then make a note of the ‘System Number’ i used my phone to make a photo of the screen.

Now you will have to use some other device(pc, laptop tablet etc.) and go to: and enter your password locked laptops ‘System Number’ in my case number was: CRV4XY1-1D3B into code field and press Get password button, now you should see very similar screen as below pictured.

Now make a note of the ‘Dell from serial number’ in my case it was AArrze4T5Y39unap and enter that into your laptops Password field, important is to enter this number as it is on that website and press CTRL-Enter after that, do not press OK button since this will not unlock your bios password and you will have to enter password again.
See video below how to unlock your dell latitude bios password: