Enter Administrator Password or Power On Password HP laptop

Just follow this tutorial and your HP bios password will be removed in under 3 minutes

Sometimes happens that you will forget your laptop's bios password or you purchase laptop as second hand and turns out that someone has set bios password. You will have few options then: you can buy new laptop without bios password, purchase new motherboard, desolder bios chip from your motherboard and change it to new one, contact HP for them to give you reset code, of course you can pay some dodgy characters online to remove bios password. Non of these methods are simple and will require time and patients:) or you can just follow this tutorial and your bios password will be reset in no time and it's totally free!

This method will only work if your laptop requires Administrator or Power On password and "System Disabled" code is i + 8-digits (i 12345678), i at the front of the number can all so be capital letter so this is important part. This unlock method has been tested and know to be working with HP 14-bs, HP 250 G4, HP 250 G5 and HP 250 G6. If your "System Disabled" code is anything else then mentioned earlier then this method will not work for you, also most definitely will not work for HP business class laptops like: ProBook, EliteBook etc.


How to remove HP Administrator or Power On password

  • Power on Your HP laptop
  • Blue box will appear: Enter administrator password or power on password
  • Type password wrong 3 times
  • System Disabled box appears with i + 8-digits
  • Write these numbers down
  • Power off Your laptop
  • Go to BiosBug.com and enter your "System Disabled" code without spaces: i12345678
  • Press "Send Request" button
  • You should have now your recovery code (8-digits as well)
  • Power on your laptop
  • Now enter these numbers from BiosBug.com without i of course

And that should be it, once you press enter on your keyboard then you should be bios password free and no additional action is required.

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See video here how this was done on HP 14-bs0xx laptop:

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