Another easy way to remove or reset Asus bios password

Here is simple way to remove Asus laptop bios password with this portable windows executable "Asus-Bios-Pass"

Now about year ago i posted a blog "How to remove or reset Asus laptop bios password" and i have to say it has been very popular. Previous blog was web based password removal using BIOSBUG.COM and no worries it still works:)

Here is another simple way to remove Your Asus laptop bios password, this time we use simple windows executable to do the job, that means you still have to use another device and it will have to be Windows machine.

Main reason for this little project was to have portable version and there's no internet connection required, just copy it to your USB stick and you are good to go.


How does Asus-Bios-Pass work and how to use it:

Well.. it works pretty much same as BIOSBUG.COM, once you open program enter your date from "Enter rescue password" field and press enter.

Here is correct sequence of the Removing Asus Bios Password:

  • Start your laptop
  • Press or hold F2 button (some cases not required)
  • Enter Password box appears
  • Now press ALTR
  • Enter rescue password box should pop up
  • Take a note of the date in that box, should be something like: 2019/03/22 (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • Open Asus-Bios-Pass.exe and type in: 2019-03-22 and press enter


That's it Asus-Bios-Pass.exe should display your recovery password, go back to your device and enter it to the Enter rescue password box.

NOTE: In some cases ALT+R will not work, best advice i can give is to update bios if possible.


Download Asus-Bios-Pass.exe