How to remove Acer Aspire E5 / E15 bios password

Have bios password on your Acer Aspire E5 and cant bypass it? Just follow this tutorial and your bios password will be reset in few simple steps.

So your Acer laptop have bios password and you cant bypass it, just follow this tutorial and your laptops bios password will be remove in next 5 minutes.

There could be several reasons why your laptop may have bios password set, this is very common with business class laptops where system admin just don't want you to change any crucial settings in bios by accident or in purpose so it's just easier to set password and there will be no worries that user can update or change something in bios.

Also some parents set bios password just to prevent their children messing up laptop configuration by accident. Actually believe it or not but this can happen other way around as well were child sets bios password and parent is not able to remove it because child has forgotten it. 

All that is ok until laptop is sold or given to new user who would need to change some settings in bios to suit machine for his needs, luckily we have few free services to help with this. There's also many websites who will assist you with bios password removal but will charge money for it so do bit of research before you decide to pay for these services and you can save yourself few dollars/euros.

How to remove or reset Acer Aspire E5 / E15 bios password:

  • Power on your laptop
  • Start pressing F2 button
  • Enter Current Password box appears
  • Press Enter button 5 times
  • Until Select Item box appears
  • Choose Enter Unlock Password
  • Enter Unlock Password box appears with 8 digits
  • Go to and enter these 8 digits there
  • Enter newly generated Unlock code into your laptop
  • Now in bios navigate to Security Tab
  • Choose Set Supervisor password and press Enter
  • Enter your key from BiosBug and press Enter
  • New password and Confirm password leave empty and press Enter
  • Navigate to Exit and Exit saving changes press Enter
  • Save Configuration changes, choose Yes and press Enter


That's it your bios password was removed successfully and should not appear again, for more detailed tutorial see video above.


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