Acer Swift 1 (SF114-32) RAM and SSD Upgrade

How to open Acer Aspire SF114 and install additional storage or memory.

Best way to describe Acer Swift 1 (SF114-32) is to say it is beautiful 14" laptop designed to be used for casual usage, this Acer laptop as many good features: Backlit keyboard, Aluminum built, Lovely Full HD Screen, Everlasting battery life and for budget laptop it has incredibly good sound.

If you are looking for a gaming laptop then this machine is definitely not for you, it has Intel Pentium Silver N5030 (4M Cache, up to 3.10 GHz, 4 Cores) processor with built in graphics (Intel UHD Graphics 605), don't get me wrong graphics ae good enough to watch YouTube video in 4K but that's as far as you can go, if you planning to do some heavy video editing or excessive Photoshop work then i do recommend get your self more power and probably bigger screen would be nice as well.

Windows 11 Home  runs pretty smooth, there was no issues upgrading from Windows 10 to 11. I do recommend removing S-Mode unless You are happy to use whatever programs are available in Windows Store.

As far as upgrading and making this Acer Aspire SF114 more future proof, You have few options!!!


How to open Acer Spire SF114-32

Remove all 9 screws from the base of the laptop, see image below:


To remove Acer Aspire SF114 base screws you will need Torx T6 screwdriver, see picture below:

Torx T6 Screwdriver

These screwdrivers can be purchased on any major website, don't recommend paying to much for it because you will probably only need it once in your lifetime unless you planning to go pro:)

Ok, once you have all the screws removed, lift back panel, to do so you will need something made out of plastic just to minimize damage to your laptop, don't worry pack panel will come off easy enough just take your time and don't panic, see video above: Can i Upgrade Acer Swift 1 (SF114-32) RAM or SSD


Where is my Acer Aspire SF114 RAM?

That's a very good question... Acer Aspire SF114-32 Ram is soldered to the motherboard and replacing memory modules or adding additional RAM is just not possible if you were lucky enough and purchased 8GB version of this laptop then good for you, either way you are stuck with the ram upgrade.

Good news is that you are able to upgrade M.2 SSD on this laptop, originally this machine was shipped with 128GB SSD, see image below of the motherboard and upgrade options:

As mentioned before, installing more RAM is not possible as you can see from the image above also CPU upgrade not possible, just in case if you were thinking to add more power.


What SSD can i install to Acer Aspire SF114?

For this upgrade i used Kingston A2000 250GB SSD and have to say it was very good fit for this laptop, not the fastest but CPU of Acer Aspire would limit the speeds anyway. 


That's as far as upgrading of this laptop goes, just little bit of a extra storage and that's it.. maybe some additional speed as well.

See picture below of final setup:

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