HP 250 G4 Wireless not working - How To Fix

Have WIFI problem with your Hewlett-Packard 250 G4, follow this tutorial to solve issue.

Hello, i have 4 HP 250 G4's here and all have very same problem where after Windows 10 fresh installation there's no wifi signal or to be accurate here signal is there but it is very week and i was not able to connect to my network at all.

After searching internet for a while i noticed that many people have very same problem with these Hewlett-Packard laptops, some cases wireless signal got weak after upgrading laptops operating system for newer version.

There are many different fixes out there but non of them would have not work for me, probably best one was to change wifi card witch is ok but HP laptops do only support certain modules and i had none of them.

All that being said your problem could be totally different and this fix might not work for you but there's only one way to find out:)

How to fix HP 250 G4 weak wireless signal

My first thought was that laptop might need bios update so i went to my PC and downloaded latest bios for HP 250 G4 and installed it on my laptop and this did not make any difference, i still had very week wifi signal.

So actual fix was more simple then i thought, just had to download latest wireless drivers for my laptop and install it... and guess what? Wireless problem was solved, had full stable signal after updating Broadcom Wireless LAN driver.

To be honest i install drivers from manufacturer website very rarely because Windows 10 built in drivers seem to work always without any issues but in this case generic drivers were no good.

It could be bit tricky to download drivers if you only have one device, you would need second device like laptop or pc and download WIFI drivers to USB stick and bring them over to your laptop and install it, see video above how i managed to install wireless driver.

Here is link to download Broadcom Wireless LAN drivers for HP 250 G4: Download



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