How to find out how old is my laptop?

Wondering how old is your laptop? Couldn't be any easier.. just follow this tutorial!

Ever wondered how old is your laptop? Well.. nobody really thinks about that until it's time to sell or buy one.

Would make more sense if laptop manufacturers had along with model number year of manufacture printed on the bottom of the laptop but i guess they don't really want to do that because often you can see "NEW" laptops for sale in electronics shop and actually they are 4-5 years old, fair enough they are not used and boxed but technology is still 4-5 years old. I recommend to use this method even when buying a new laptop just to make shore that you are actually getting latest tech.

Follow these simple steps below to find out how old is your laptop!

  • Open file explorer
  • Right click on "This PC" and click properties
  • Take a note of the Processor name (Should be similar to this: Intel® Core™ i5-4340M)
  • Go to the and click on Laptops tab
  • Scroll down and enter your processor name into search box

Here is a screenshot of the system properties with processor information:

Above method works on all versions of windows as long as you are able to find your processor name.

See video above how to calculate correct age of your laptop.

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