Samsung NP350V5C black screen issue - How to fix

Samsung NP350V5C black screen issue - How to fix

How to fix Samsung Laptop NP350V5C black screen issue. Get bios up to date and all sorted.

Had recently 2 Samsung NP350V5C laptops and both had very similar problem - they only boot to windows or bios sometimes and that's after changing RAM sticks.

Most i managed to boot laptops normally was probably two times and after that black screen again, what i mean by black screen is that laptop turns on no problem, fan, dvd etc. all working but nothing on the screen.

How to fix Samsung NP350V5C black screen issue:

In my case it was pretty simple: One of times when i managed to boot to windows i downloaded Samsung Bios Update and updated bios to the latest version and guess what.. laptops boot without any problems.

Seems to be issue with corrupt bios what makes laptop fail to post. Similar issue could be with other Samsung models as well.

Looking for Samsung Bios Update: Download Here