Is it possible to upgrade Acer A114 RAM Or SSD

Acer Aspire A114-32-C6U9 memory and hard drive upgrade! Is this laptop built to be upgraded?

Acer Aspire A114-32-C6U9 is a budget laptop and as expected upgrade options are very limited! This laptop is intended to be used mostly for lightweight tasks, deficiently not suitable for gaming or video editing etc, but i guess You already knew that because paying anywhere between 200-300 dollars will definitely not buy you a top end gaming laptop.

Good news: This Acer Aspire laptop does come with Full HD screen and colors are nice and bright, all the built in apps open pretty fast and without major lag, definitely suitable to be portable device.

Since this model (A114-32-C6U9) only has 64GB SSD and 4GB RAM then question is: Can we add more RAM or swap SSD? Because 64GB hard drive is barely enough for windows installation, especially when installing Windows 11 + Standard Windows 10/11 will use about 2-3GB of ram without even opening any additional applications.


How to open Acer Aspire A114 laptop?

See picture below and remove 15 screws from base of the laptop!

Once screws are removed, gently remove back panel, we don't recommend using anything metal since it could damage your laptop, if you have something sharp but made out of plastic the use it instead of metal.


Where is HARD DRIVE or RAM?

As You can see from the picture above there is no RAM slots or SSD slots available, everything is built into the motherboard and upgrading is not possible.

Acer did leave space for 2.5" hard drive/ssd but there is no connection to the motherboard so even if you placed new hard drive there would be nowhere to connect it.

This is kind of sad that laptop manufacturers are going this way, looks like they are using same built for many different configurations, this machine does not require cooling fan but there is still space available for it, instead they have placed bios battery there.

Your best bet as in terms of extra storage would be purchase micro SD card as they come in very high-capacity now. SD card can be entered from the side of the laptop.

Hopefully you bought 128GB and 8GB version of this laptop so it will just last you longer as in terms of using newer versions of Windows or slightly more resources acquiring apps.

I quess it's true: You get what You pay for!



Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels