How to add watermark text to multiple images easy way

Looking for an easy way to watermark your images? Use this lightweight app to add water mark to image or even multiple images.

What is watermark: Watermark is basically image/text added on top of your original photo to protect your copyright's and in some cases it does work but these days there's good few ways to remove watermarks from images but this would be something for future blog.

This little app is probably best for people who have limited or no knowledge about image editing programs where watermarks can be added with ease and let you customize font, size, color and position, Watermarker.exe doesn't offer you any of these and only option you have is enter watermark text and i believe in most cases this is more than enough.

How does Watermarker work:

Watermarker.exe is basically windows .bat file compiled into .exe along with 12 other files, will list embed files at the end.

All you have to do is choose images to watermark and drag/drop into Watermarker, enter watermark text and that's it. After watermarks added folder "C:\Watermarked Images" will open with your newly watermarked images in it.

Watermarker.exe uses Imagemagick for windows 64-bit so if you using 32-bit windows device then this program will not work for You, only reason i went for 64-bit was simple: Now days image resolutions can be very high and when watermarking 50 images in one go you might run out of memory with 32-bit since you really have only 1-3GB of ram available.

What happens after you drag and drop your files:

  • Folder "C:\Watermarked Images"  will be created to store watermarked images.
  • Then program checks if you dragged files in to executable or just pressed on .exe, if you just opened watermarker.exe then it will just close after 5 seconds.
  • Now, when everything is valid we measure your image with identify.exe to determine position of the watermark, be aware that watermark will look better on images larger than 1000px in width and watermark is added to bottom left corner with some padding.
  • Now you will be prompted to enter Watermark Text
  • Convert.exe will take over now and insert your text into image with black semi-transparent under color and proper padding, position.
  • That's it: folder "C:\Watermarked Images" will open with your watermarked images in it.

Files included in Watermarker.exe:

  • mogrify.exe
  • identify.exe
  • convert.exe
  • composite.exe
  • colors.xml
  • configure.xml
  • delegates.xml
  • elg.ttf
  • locale.xml
  • mime.xml
  • settings.xml
  • type.xml


Note: When you drag multiple files into Watermarker make shore they are more/less same dimension because program will calculate position of the watermark based on first file.