HP 250 G6 Enter Administrator Password or Power On Password

Have your HP laptop bios locked? Follow this tutorial to remove or reset HP 250 G6 bios administrator or power on password.

This tutorial is for HP laptops where Administrator or Power On Password "System Disabled" is [i + 8-digits] and will not work on any other Hewlett-Packard laptop. This method is tested with HP 250 G4/G6, and various other HP laptops.

As it has happened to me in the past i have set laptop bios password and forgot actual password shortly after, for example i have 2 kids and i got them laptops while ago and set bios passwords on both of these laptops just in case my girls decide to do bit of hacking and change some settings in the bios, just saves lot of hassle later because they would have no idea about correct bios settings and can happen that after updating some settings laptop wont boot to Windows. When i was thinking to sell these laptops and get them new ones i had forgotten password because it had been about 2 years since i set passwords.

Of course your story could be totally different, there's many reasons why your laptop would have bios password. Sometimes when purchasing second hand laptop there could be a bios password and that is actually very common, specially when buying from school or office.

This method is totally free and you should not pay for it.

How to remove or reset HP 250 G6 Bios Password:

  • Power On your laptop
  • "Enter Administrator Password or Power On Password" box appears
  • Enter wrong password 3 times until..
  • "System Disabled" box appears with [i + 8-digits]
  • Power off your laptop
  • Go to BiosBug.com and enter your code
  • Press send request button
  • After code is generated (also 8-digits)
  • Power on your laptop
  • Enter 8-digits from BiosBug and press enter 

Don't forget that it is very Important to enter I or i for correct code*, so lower case "i" or upper case "I"

Here is link to the HP bios unlock: HP i + 8digit

Also watch video above "HP 250 G6 Bios / Power On Password - How to remove or reset bios password for free"

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