Pixel 5 photos still relevant in 2023!

Pixel 5 photos still relevant in 2023!

Before upgrading your Google Pixel 5 phone just for camera have a look at these sample pictures, no editing done, all images straight out of camera.

Have Google Pixel 5 smart phone for last 2 years and really have no complaints, for me personally it has been the perfect smart device. Pixel 5 has never let me down yet! I'm kind of casual user, take few photos here and there also use it to control some smart devices i have at home.

Most attractive feature about Pixel 5 for me is the size: 6.0 inches is perfect to fit into your pocket and you don’t feel like you carrying tablet with you especially when you are in sitting position with phone in your pocket. But i guess it’s more what suits and what are actual individual needs.

As for image quality i can safely say that Pixel phone is definitely best phone i ever had and i owned Samsung, iPhone, Xiaomi etc. in the past. Don't get me wrong these phones had great cameras and took lovely pictures and videos but non of them didn’t come close to Google Pixel phone.

Remember, this is just personal opinion and not trying to sell you 2 year old phone here!


Pictures taken with Google Pixel 5:

Bueno Ice cream

Little birdie!

Magic Gnome

Beer and Steak

Jameson Whiskey Barrel

Lovely Town Bike

Lego Batmobile

Last picture: Lego Batmobile has some in phone editing done, also bare in mind that quality is not original, image quality gets reduced after upload to the server.