How to upgrade Asus Vivobook L410M Hard Drive or RAM

How to change Your Asus Vivobook L410MA / E410MA Solid State Drive and is it possible to upgrade / remove ram!

So you own Asus Vivobook and wondering is it possible to change or upgrade hard drive / ssd or ram? Well, there's going to be some good news and bit of bad news as well!

Generally these budget laptops are not upgradable, that means if you bought laptop with 4GB of RAM and 64GB SSD then you are stuck with it and can't really complain since You didn't want to spend bit more to get better spec laptop.

Luckily have some good news for you here, this Asus Vivobook L410M has NVMe SSD slot and you can add additional Solid State Drive, i installed 256GB Toshiba THNSN5256GPU7 SSD without any issues, can't really give you much advice about other compatible SSD's but it is guaranteed to work with this Toshiba drive.

As for memory upgrade... im afraid that You are stuck with what you have so if you purchased laptop with 4GB of RAM then that's what you will have and if you are lucky enough to have 8GB version then you probably don't need to upgrade ram anyway!

Here is workflow of how to open Asus Vivobook L410M and install additional SSD

Remove all the screws on the back panel, see image below:

Now remove back cover, i used just my nails to get the cover off but if you have something sharp, recommend using plastic and not metal tool because it's very easy to damage your laptop or leave ugly marks on it.


Once you have back panel off then, disconnect battery, also if you are looking for new battery for your laptop the this is the serial number: C31N1912


Now you are ready to install your new SSD, i used Toshiba THNSN5256GPU7, second hand from eBay it cost me about $30:

You will need little additional screw to hold your new ssd in place, if you don't have one then have a look around the house and maybe you have some old laptop or other old equipment where you can get it!


Here is the image once new Solid State Drive is in place:

Don't forget to connect battery or you will have to open your Vivobook again!


All what's left now is to install windows on your new SSD and as for the 64GB SSD what is soldered to motherboard you can use it as additional storage!

See video above  "Can I upgrade my Asus Vivobook L410M SSD or RAM?"