Lovely Slideshow for Adobe Premiere Pro by Harchenko

Great little template to create good looking slideshow with music. Easy enough to use but requires basic Adobe Premiere knowledge.

Looking for slideshow template for Adobe Premiere Pro? Well, look no further because this one is really easy to use and does look very good.

Purchased that template from for $23, actual price is around $30 because VAT is added during checkout but still very good value for what it is.

In terms of editing its pretty straight forward just import your images and drag them to the timeline, only one pad thing i have to say is very poor help file what comes with it but due its not to complex to use then most will figure out without looking for any help at all but one thing is shore that basic knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro is required.

Template works with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017.1 and up, i have 2018 version installed and worked perfect, didn't even crash once:).

This Lovely Template doesn't come with music so you would have to find your own and add it to the project i got mine from YouTube Studio because these ones there are free to use.

Rendering took about 3-5 minutes.. don't remember exactly but relatively short time to export but that is more up to the machine You are using.

Please don't ask for free download link just go to the and purchase this template to support this great work, believe me it's well worth it.

Here is link to purchase this item: Lovely Slideshow

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