Remove bios password on all Acer laptops for free

Remove bios password on all Acer laptops for free

Follow this tutorial to reset or remove your Acer laptop bios password and as always.. Its 100% Free.

You are obviously here with one purpose.. You are looking to unlock your Acer laptop bios password, well your search is over because solution below should help anyone out there.

Why are bios passwords set? There could be many reasons for that, most common is that user would not change any settings in bios so laptop would not boot to Windows later also bios passwords can be set so you would have no access to windows. There's also these cute sellers on ebay and other sites who set bios password on laptop before selling it so they would not have to explain faults on it.. specially when you buying laptop as not working etc. Happened to me several times, when i bought laptop for parts and there was bios password and owner said he can not test for faults, so when i removed bios password then turned out that keyboard wasn't fully working and some other faults.

Below will be Acer bios password reset for both 8 and 10-digit Unlock Keys also if you have older Acer laptop then i will have video tutorial for that as well.


How to remove bios password on all Acer Laptops:

  • Power on your laptop and immediately start pressing F2 button
  • Enter Current Password Box appears
  • Press enter button until Enter Unlock Password box appears with Key:
  • Your Key could be 8 or 10-digits, write these digits down
  • Go to and enter your key from laptop and press Send Request button
  • About 10-15 seconds later you will have your free unlock key
  • Go back to your laptop and enter that key
  • Now in bios navigate with your arrow keys to Set Supervisor Password and press enter
  • Once again enter code from Biosbug and press enter
  • Enter new password and confirm new password leave blank, just press enter two times
  • Changes have been saved box will appears, now just press enter
  • With your arrow keys again navigate to Exit and press Exit Saving Changes and press choose YES


Click here to remove Your Acer Laptop bios password

You are done now, bios password should have been successfully removed, see video below of the step by step tutorial.


For older Acer laptop where BiosBug does not work, follow this tutorial below: