Toshiba Satellite P770 Dual Graphics GPU FAIL and FIX

Toshiba Satellite P770 Dual Graphics GPU FAIL and FIX

Here is a workaround/fix for your Toshiba Satellite P770/775 GPU fail or malfunctioning.

I got Toshiba Satellite P770 while ago and had serious problems installing NVIDIA graphics drivers on both Windows 10 and Windows 7, Windows 7 installation was only last resort since nothing seem to work on Windows 10. After several attempts it was pretty clear that there's a issue with NIVIDIA GPU.

On both operating systems i got famous blue screens but after restart or shut down laptop was working ok with exception GPU, on windows 10 NVIDIA driver didn't install at all.. on windows 7 driver installed but got blue screen of death after installation.

After sever hours spent browsing Google for solutions i found Youtube video where this person removes power to GPU via desoldering coil on motherboard and guess what??? it worked like a charm, only downfall is that you will loose your dedicated graphics, in my case i was left with Intel HD 3000 graphics witch is ok for casual use.

How to fix Toshiba Satellite P770 GPU fail and make laptop work just with Intel built in graphics:


This method may work for other Toshiba model laptops also and most likely will work with different brands as well.

First you will have to open your laptop and remove motherboard, takes a little while but nothing comes easy :)

Here is picture of the motherboard with the coil in place, that's the one you will have to desolder - marked with red box.

Now you have to remove that coil by desoldering it, have a look on next picture how your motherboard will look after and remember take time performing this task because its easy enough to damage motherboard.


Hope someone finds some help here and your laptop will come back to life again :)

Here is video i got my idea from :