Asus Vivobook E510MA RAM and SSD Upgrade

How to upgrade Asus VivoBook E510MA RAM or M.2 SSD. Is Memory upgrade possible? More than 4GB DDR4!

Can i upgrade my Asus VivoBook E510 Ram or SSD? Of course upgrade options for this laptop are available but with some limitations! 

To be honest this laptop is definitely on the bottom of the budget laptops, everything about this machine is cheap and not really usable for anything more than casual internet browsing, forget gaming or video editing with this laptop! To be fair, for this price you definitely are not able to purchase machine for gaming or anything more than going to your Facebook profile.

Best thing about this laptop is Full HD screen (1920x1080) and that is pretty much only good thing about it!!! Ok, forgot full size keyboard! 

Can i upgrade Asus VivoBook E510 RAM or SSD?

See below what you can upgrade:

  • DDR4 RAM is soldered to the motherboard and is not upgradable
  • SSD M.2 Upgrade is possible
  • CPU is soldered to the MB and can't be upgraded
  • GPU is soldered to the MB and can't be upgraded


RAM upgrade for Asus VivoBook E510 is not possible.


See video below: How to open Asus VivoBook E510MA



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