Toshiba Satellite C50 hangs on Windows 8/10 installation

Toshiba Satellite C50 hangs on Windows 8/10 installation

Toshiba Sattelite C50-B-13T problem with windows installation and start, simple problem with simple fix, some testing, faulty wifi module.

Ok, bought this Toshiba Satellite C50-B-13T without hard drive and suppose to be "perfect working condition" when HDD is installed:) but tuned out that it needed bit of work before.

Windows 10 installation is usually straight forward task and should take not more then 1H in total, after going through installation process laptop was doing is usual setup then it just hanged at the 40% of the final setup. First time that happened i thought maybe something went wrong with installation and i had another go but exactly same thing happened again at 40% of the final setup. So i took out my external SSD with Windows 10 already installed on it and tried to boot laptop with it but it hang again, that was clear sign of hardware error.

First thing i did was some searching in internet to see is anybody else with similar problem and turns out that there was many people with similar problem. What i could figure out from reading different posts that problem could be with bios update, lot of people had similar problem after updating bios but i  had no idea was bios updated or not on my laptop.

Before changing faulty WiFi card i booted laptop with my ssd drive and before windows logo appeared i pressed F12 that disables wifi, do not press it to fast after start or you will end up in boot options menu and guess what happened??? windows booted with no problem.

Toshiba Satellite C50 windows installation/boot/start fix: 

After removing back cover of the laptop i located WiFi module it was hidden under ribbon cable.

Removed it and replaced with new(used one), new WiFI module on the picture below:

I have some selection of them but if you don't fix laptops professionally then you would probably have to purchase one. That's all problem solved, windows installed without problem and and started just fine.