Can i upgrade Asus VivoBook X513EA SSD or RAM

How to open your Asus VivoBook S513E and install bigger NVMe SSD and is DDR4 RAM upgrade possible.

Yes, its possible to upgrade RAM and SSD on Asus VivoBook X513. This laptop has 8GB DDR4 RAM soldered to the motherboard and one additional slot for upgrade, i will install 16GB RAM stick so in total this machine will have 24GB of RAM, 8GB on board is not removable. NVMe SSD is also upgradable, originally this laptop had 512GB Intel SSD and i will swap that to 1TB Samsung SSD. 

It’s great news all around, i mean that there are upgrade options for this laptop, for some reason laptops manufactured these days have fewer and fewer options. Personally would have preferred to have 2 upgradable RAM slots but i suppose one is enough.. better than nothing. 

Asus VivoBook S513E CPU and GPU can not be upgraded, they are soldered to the motherboard. I think days where you could remove CPU and replace with more powerful one are well in the past.


How to open Asus VivoBook S513E

  • Remove all the screws from the back panel, keep screws organized because some are shorter and some longer, that will save you for damaging laptop when re-fitting back cover. Screws to be removed are marked with red on the picture below.

  • Gently lift cover using reasonable amount of force.

See video above how to open and upgrade your laptop.


Asus VivoBook RAM and SSD Upgrade

Once back panel is removed, you can remove SSD and replace with new one. See image below for SSD(on the left) and RAM(on the right) locations. Both components are marked with red squares.

Same applies to DDR4 RAM and as i mentioned earlier: only one slot is available for upgrade.


Windows needs to be reinstalled after SSD upgrade. If you upgrading just RAM then you don’t need to re-install OS.


Link below for Asus VivoBook S513E upgrade:

Watch it here