Asus Vivobook X413F battery issue fixed!

How to open your Asus Vivobook X413F and change old faulty battery.

So you have Asus Vivobook X413F with battery not charging issue! There could be several reasons why your laptop just doesn't charge:

  • Most common: Faulty Battery
  • Faulty or damaged charger
  • Broken charging port
  • Motherboard fault
  • Windows issues

Sometimes its hard to figure out exactly what is the problem but easiest troubleshooting would be to try different charger, leave it charging overnight and see will that help, disconnect battery and leave it for a while and then connect it again and try to charge. Had Asus laptops in the past where battery was so drained that it took 4-5h before it started charging. If nothing works then you will just have to purchase new battery, if you wondering what battery you need then here is the serial number for Asus VivoBook X413F battery: B31N1911, they are available to purchase on eBay or Amazon etc. The battery i bought was generic battery because it’s a lot cheaper and does pretty much same job.

How to change Asus Vivobook X413F battery

To change your faulty battery you will need to have very standard phillips screwdriver, see image below:

Remove all the screws from back panel, see image below:

Once all 9 screws are removed you can lift back panel, it does come off pretty easy so just use your hands, no special tool needed. See video above to help you go through with this task.

Battery is held in place by 6 screws and they need to be removed, before you start disconnect battery from motherboard. Image below shows you location of the screws(marked with red circles) and battery connection(marked with square box) to the motherboard.

This little procedure will probably take you about 10 minutes and it’s pretty straight forward. 

Hope this will be useful for someone out there!