Photos taken in Estonia 2019 with Nikon D5300

Photos taken in Estonia 2019 with Nikon D5300

Holiday in month of June not probably the best idea because weather turned out to be pretty average and times even cold and wet but cant really complain since despite to weather we managed to have some good time and visited places in Estonia where i was never before.

Probably most memorable is Upside Down house in Tartu near to Estonian National Museum, first 5 minutes you will feel like You have been draining alcohol because house is not just upside down but also angled to certain degree so you wouldn't feel to comfortable :)

Here are some images taken during my holiday in June 2019 in Estonia with Nikon D5300, i think its time to upgrade my camera or at least invest to new premium lenses:

Some random lock with Julia written on it


Some random stones


My Girls


Hollywood sign near Tartu




Upside Down house in Estonia