How to remove Acer laptop 10 digit bios password

Forgot your Acer laptop bios password and looking to unlock it! Follow these simple steps to remove your laptop bios password for free.

Hello again, once again we are back here with same problem... Bios password has been forgotten or for some reason after bios update you will power on your laptop and it will prompt you to enter password, was reading in good few forums that this seems to happen often to Acer laptops that after bios update there's a bios password, don't know is it really true or not but personally have never encountered that and i have done many bios updates.

For long time there was only 8 digit bios passwords on Acer laptops but all new Acer machines have 10 digit recovery codes and finally i can help out.

What ever you do don't pay for it, i noticed that there is many sites selling unlock codes as much as for 20 dollars and that is ridiculous because it should be totally free.

To remove your Acer laptop bios password all you need is your phone, laptop or any other device with access to internet.


How to remove Acer laptop 10 Digit bios password for free:

  • Power on your laptop, by pressing power button
  • Enter Current Password box appears
  • Now press Enter button on your keyboard 3-4 times
  • Until Enter Unlock Password (Key:1375887405), note that your key will be different
  • Go to and navigate: Acer Bios Unlock - Acer 10 Digit Bios Unlock
  • Type in your 10 digits from laptop and that will generate your unlock code
  • Go back to your laptop and enter all the digits from BiosBug and press Enter

This method works only for Acer 10 digit unlock keys, if you looking for 8 digit unlock then read this: How to remove or reset Acer laptop bios password

Watch video above if need help to reset your Acer laptop bios password.


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