Hp Envy Dv6 failed bios update - how to fix / restore bios

Hp Envy Dv6 failed bios update - how to fix / restore bios

Another bios update fail? Here is easy enough tutorial how to fix your laptops corrupt bios.

Here we are again with failed bios update, have been very unlucky last month and had two laptops where simple enough bios update failed and i ended up with 2 bricked laptops.

First laptop was pretty easy fix since it was HP EliteBook and had bios packed up so all i had to do was restore bios with simple key press combination after pressing power button, see video how to restore bios with key press combination here

Second laptop was HP Envy DV6-7000 series and same thing again, when installing bios update form windows and after restart just black screen and nothing.. tried to boot again without battery and resetting it holding power button for 30 seconds but nothing.

After spending sometime looking for way to reset bios i came across this video and followed this video and downloaded latest bios for my HP Envy DV6.


How to reset/fix HP ENVY DV6 corrupt bios or failed bios update:

After i had my USB stick prepared with latest bios i started my laptop with this USB plugged is and tried all key combinations which are suggested in these HP tutorial videos but got no response at all.

So had to go back to my pc and do some more googling and guess what??? i got nothing, absolutely nothing how to reset bios on HP Envy DV6.

As last resort i went back to my laptop and had another go, this time i disconnected laptops hard drive and bang after starting laptop with USB key in it it started reading new bios and update was successful.

I didn't use any key combination at all. Looks like laptop was still trying to boot from HDD, but because of corrupt bios no success. Solution was very simple, just disconnect hard drive and thats it.

Lesson i learned from all this is not to update bios if there's really no need and in my case there was no need:)

Hopefully this helps someone else with this problem since there was really nothing in google with exception of these 2 videos.

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