ASUS K55A no power, not turning on, only charging light

ASUS K55A no power, not turning on, only charging light

How to fix ASUS K55A not powering on and has no sign of life at all except charging light.

This must be at least 4th or 5th Asus laptop with this issue, seems like its pretty common with these laptops that just charging light comes on when charger is connected but nothing happens when power button is pressed.

I think first time i saw that when i opened one of the Asus K55A's for normal maintenance and after assembling laptop back together there was no sign of it powering on at all. That was actually good because i knew that problem must be the way i assembled laptop since before taking it apart it powered on no problem.

And by the way this is not tutorial how to disassemble Asus K55A, im just pointing out one of the reasons why your machine wont power on.

Back to business, after disconnecting and connecting various elements i noticed that when bottom screws are not screwed in laptop powers without any problems, that triggered alarm... so i thought that there must be some sort of power issue or short, after troubleshooting for a while i noticed that when i don't screw in top left screw from the base then laptops power button still works.


How to fix your Asus K55A not powering on:

In my case.. 5 times:) i had to attach some electric tape on power button circuit and that was it, problem solved.

Im not saying that its a perfect fix but it does work and can be fixed with in less then 30 minutes.. unless you manage to break something else.

See picture below where tape needs to be applied!