HP Pavilion 15-n no power no boot no start simple fix

HP Pavilion 15-n no power no boot no start simple fix

Here is a simple fix If your HP Pavilion 15-n doesn't power on and no charging light when charger is inserted.

Here is one way to fix your Hewlett-Packard HP Pavilion 15-n model with power issue and let me say that it is not guaranteed to be fix for you because there could be several reasons why your laptop doesn't power on or power indicator doesn't light up when charger is inserted but here is a fix what worked for me.

Turns out that when you have your palm-rest slightly lifted then laptop charges and powers on without any issues, that indicates short between power-board and DC connection located in same position.

This issue is not only known problem with HP laptops but i also had good few Asus laptops with very same issue and got it sorted with this simple solution.

How to fix Your HP Pavilion 15-n not powering on:

  • Remove screws on the bottom, you have to remove two back rubber legs.
  • Lift palm rest nice and easy because power and touch-pad ribbons still connected to the MB.
  • Disconnect keyboard, power button and touch-pad ribbons from motherboard(MB).
  • Apply some electrical tape to the power board located under palm rest - see images below.