Can i upgrade my Asus Vivobook X415EA RAM or SSD

Asus Vivobook X415E upgrade tutorial with video. How much RAM can it take?

Question you may ask: Can Asus Vivobook X415E be upgraded? Very simple and straight forward answer is YES. Both SSD and RAM can be upgraded is ease and should not take you longer than 30 minutes.

Asus Vivobook memory upgrade is simple and You don’t need to perform any additional tasks after upgrade, in other hand when upgrading NVMe SSD you will need to re-install Windows operating system again, this Asus laptop supports both, Windows 10 and Windows 11. How to install Windows OS? For that you will have to do bit of reaserch, there’s plenty of tutorials available online.


What can i upgrade on my Asus VivoBook X415EA? 

  • DDR4 RAM can be upgraded (only 1 slot)
  • NVMe SSD can be upgraded

Yes sadly this laptop only has one upgrade bay for RAM, there’s 4GB soldered to the motherboard and that can’t be removed or upgraded.

After upgrading DDR4 RAM and Solid State Drive, this laptop will have 20GB of RAM 3200MHz and 1TB Samsung NVMe SSD.


Where is RAM and SSD located?

Both RAM and SSD are accessible only when back cover is removed, for that you need standard phillips screwdriver.

See image below of the RAM and SSD location on the motherboard:

Asus Vivobook X415E RAM and NVMe SSD

More detailed upgrade tutorial here

In video you will get more detail for RAM and SSD what was used in upgrading of this Asus VivoBook X415EA laptop.

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