Asus VivoBook X413F RAM and SSD Upgrade!

How to open and install more memory and additional storage to your VivoBook X413FA

Asus Vivobook X413FA-EK096T is lovely little laptop built for normal usage, by normal usage i mean it's definitely not meant to be used for gaming or heavy video editing, you can scroll down and click on the benchmark link so you will have better overview of this machine.

Generally speaking it is not slow laptop, with only 4GB DDR4 RAM this laptop was able to boot to Windows 11 with amazing 00:09:30 seconds and it's pretty impressive for budget laptop with Intel Core i3-10110U @ 2.10GHz CPU and only 4gb of memory, this impressive boot speed to Windows was mostly because upgrading to 500GB Samsung 980 NVMe M.2 SSD, original boot speed with 128GB solid state drive was about 15 seconds.

As for upgrading, i have good news and bad news: You can upgrade SSD and optionally add another SSD, yes this laptop supports 2 NVMe M.2 SSD's, RAM upgrade is not possible for this laptop, if you bought 4GB version then that's all you will ever have and if you managed to get yourself a 8GB version then good for you.


How to open Asus VivoBook X413FA

You will have to remove all the screws from the back panel, see image below:

Once screws are removed, you can lift back panel, i do recommend using something made of plastic to help you remove back cover just because using anything metal can really easily damage your laptop.


Upgrading options for Vivobook 14/15

As you can see from picture below, there's no way to upgrade RAM on this laptop because 4GB DDR4 is soldered to the motherboard, that's pretty sad news since 8GB would have been great especially if you are running Windows 11 on this machine.

Luckily we can upgrade SSD's, that's right, this Vivobook has two NVMe M.2 SSD slots.

See picture below, after upgrading both SSD slots, Windows will be installed on Samsung 980 SSD and second SSD will be just used for some backups and for additional storage.


After upgrading my Asus VivoBook X413F


Benchmark information here