How to remove or reset Samsung laptop bios password

Here is a simple way to remove/recover your Samsung laptop forgotten 18-digit bios password. Visit

Hello, it has been full month and bit more since last entry.. nice to be back.

So you forgot your Samsung laptop bios password and want to reset or remove it.. well.. it has never been easier, just spare next 3-4 minutes and your password should be removed.

BTW there's probably many services online to help you to reset password but remember that you should never pay for it, anybody selling unclock codes online is just profiting from someone elses work.

This tutorial is for Samsung 18-digit codes only, tested with Samsung NP350 but definitely will work with NP355 and many others as long 18 digit code is required.

Follow these simple steps to recover Your Samsung laptop bios password:

  • Start your laptop by pressing power button
  • Enter wrong password 3 times or just press enter button 3 times
  • System disabled box with 18-digit code appears
  • Go to navigate to Samsung 18-digit code
  • Enter your 18 digit code from laptop and press send request
  • Take a note of generated password and return to Your laptop
  • Press power button and immediately start pressing F2 button
  • Enter password box appears, type password generated by
  • In bios navigate to Security Tab and enter you password to the Set Supervisor password field, leave other 2 fields empty and press enter
  • Navigate to Exit tab and press Save Configuration And Reset 'Yes' and that's it.


Note: Sometimes password will not work in first try so you will have to enter it second time and it should work.

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