Video issue with Google Chrome(No Video) - How to Fix

Video issue with Google Chrome(No Video) - How to Fix

Some older laptops and PC's will not play some of the Youtube videos, here is how to fix this issue.

Lately i came across some older laptops and everything was working absolutely fine except some videos on Youtube were just playing sound and no video was shown and that was only happening with Google Chrome, saying that i only tested Microsoft Edge to see the difference and Edge was showing all videos.

Turns out older devices are not able for hardware acceleration or possibly its just video driver issue and you end up with just hearing sound on Youtube without video.. thats FUN:)


So how to fix issue with video when using Google Chrome:

- Navigate on your Google chrome to the left top corner

- Click on 3 little dots

- Click on Settings

- Scroll down to Advanced settings and click on it

- Scroll down again until System settings

- Deactivate slider for "Use hardware acceleration when available"

There you go, now you should be able to see all the videos with Your Google Chrome


Also see short video tutorial how to fix this issue: