Asus Rog Strix GL502VT no power, only charging light

Asus Rog Strix GL502VT no power, only charging light

How to fix Asus Rog Strix not powering on, only charging light when plugged in.

Got this Asus as trade in from one of my customers and his complain was that its not powering on and only charging light lights up when charger is connected, that was fine since i needed laptop with good full hd screen and i was planning to use it for parts. Few days later i did some testing with it, connected charger and pressed power button and nothing happened so i opened laptop, removed battery and had just charger connected and still nothing, next step was to disconnect keyboard so i removed backlit ribbon from connector and guess what..

Laptop powered on without me pressing power button at all, that was clear sign that there's a issue with keyboard.

How to fix Asus Rog Strix only power light issue:

This is actually common problem with new laptops where power button is attached to the keyboard, that means if your laptop keyboard malfunctions then you wont be able to power on your device.

Had many Acer laptops with similar problem and only fix was to change all keyboard.

Same issue one again here, all i had to do was to buy new keyboard and fit it, only thing i have to say that there is nothing handy about this job:) You will need loads of time and patience.