Dell laptop bios password with E7A8 and 8CF8 how to remove!

Dell laptop bios password with E7A8 and 8CF8 how to remove!

Dell bios password recovery has never been easier. Forgot your password? Here is simple solution to generate bios recovery code for System Number ending with -E7A8 and -8FC8 suffix.

All laptops have option to set bios password to prevent someone changing essential laptop settings. Bios passwords are often set on laptops that are used in offices and bigger businesses, that just to make sure that end user will not change any settings because these machines are network connected and need to be secure plus they don’t want their IT department to deal with unnecessary tasks. Have bought some of these laptops what were used in office environment myself in past and lucky enough was able to remove them but saying that most of them would have been ok to use even with bios password set. Things get tricky when you trying to install Windows and all USB ports are blocked and there’s no way to load new system.

Sometimes happens that you set your bios password to prevent your family members to access core settings and end up forgetting that password yourself, that’s were you would need to contact Dell support or try to remove it with tools available online. Below you will see few methods how to deal with forgotten passwords and how to reset or restore access to your Dell laptop bios.


How to remove Dell laptop bios password with -E7A8

This is actually a lot easier then you might think, you have to use your System Number it looks something like this: CRV4XY1-E7A8, this is just for sample but structure is same, there’s 7 digits plus 4 characters after dash.

Fallow these steps:

  • Power on your laptop
  • Take note of your System Number
  • Go to
  • Enter your 7 characters into form field (CRV4XY1)
  • Choose suffix from drop down menu (E7A8)
  • Press Send Request button

If for some reason it doesn’t work then try to hit CTRL+ENTER after inserting your recovery key instead of just ENTER. 

Anonymous Dell user

Hopefully after that you are able to access your Dell laptop bios again and change or update settings.


How to remove Dell laptop bios password with -8CF8

If you are unlucky and your System Number ends with -8CF8 suffix then you really only have two options:

  • To pay some online services to help you with password removal
  • Follow tutorial below and try to do it yourself

As for now there is no easy and straight forward solution to remove password ending with 8CF8 suffix, at the moment you just go to some website and enter your System Number and generate key for recovery.

Best option for now that is if you looking this to be done free is to follow steps in tutorial below:


Method above may also work for -8FC8 suffix, have not tested personally but looks promising.

Hope you will be able to use this information and unlock you laptop, any questions then please leave comment below. currently supports: -595B, -D35B, -2A7B, -1D3B, -1F66, -6FF1, -1F5A, -BF97 and -E7A8 suffix bios codes, no support yet for -8CF8 or -8FC8.

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